(Elastic & Adhesive Therapeutic Taping Tape)

The wave patterned adhesive design of the ARESTape with the same elasticity as human skin offers a gentle and effective approach to the re-education of the neuromuscular system, which helps improve blood/lymph circulation, relief of muscle pains providing comfort and stability to your body.  ARESARES Tape can be used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, physicians, manual therapists, nurses, physical therapists and general people with muscle pains.

Product Details

- Unit size: 5 cm x 5 m (2.5 inch x 16.4 ft)
- Available colours - beige, blue, black
- Individual package for 1 roll including Mini-Guide(Instructions)
- Retailer package for 6 rolls
- Master carton for 120 rolls


- Latex-free hypoallergenic cotton fiber tape
- Acrylic heat-activated backing
- No medicinal properties
- Approximately same thickness and weight of skin
- Comfortable to wear
- Can be worn in pool and shower (water-resistant)


- Treat sport injuries and general muscle pain
- Promote blood/lymph circulation and healing
- Support for muscles and joints
- Prevent injuries and fatigue
- Enhance performance