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Basic Preparation

1. Clean the skin before taping.
2. Two ways of removing paper backing;
       1) Place the tip of your thumb on the top edge of tape, and then simply roll back your thumb along and towards your body.
       2) Since the tension of tape is different from that of the paper backing, paper backing will tear as a result of twisting tape itself.
3. To apply the tape onto pain area, the skin and muscle of the affected area has to be fully stretched before application of tape.
        Note: Do not stretch the tape itself, and then leave it on for 3~5 days.
4. When the length of the tape is measured. Cut the tape after extending the muscle to which you are about to apply the tape.
5. After taping, there should be wrinkles when the body returns to a normal position.
6. If the tape is wet after a bath or shower, dry the tape using fans.
7. When removing Ares Kinesiology Tape from the skin, remove the tape slowly according to the direction of hair.
        Note: Pay special care for children and seniors to avoid damaging skin.
8. Attach the tape to the skin, and be careful not to overlap.
9. If you feel itchy or uncomfortable after taping, remove the tape immediately.